Art Therapy Reviews

Art Therapy helps with many learning and emotional problems.
  • Lori P. Marabella, LCAT, ATR-BC, CTRS, CDAT-II, AP-BC Licensed Creative Art Psychotherapist, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist February 28, 2016, Lori P. I was a client of Maureen’s taking the Del Giacco Art Therapy course to use with the brain injury population at my place of employment has been invaluable in improving cognitive function in my clients. They and their families are delighted with the improvements in speech and memory. Maureen is a wonderful teacher who is always available to provide support, constructive feedback and encouragement. 
  • Elsbeth Knott, M.A Art Therapist August 21, 2014, Elsbeth and Maureen were students togetherMaureen has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with clients with Alzheimer’s, stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury. She is a warm and caring teacher and professional and she demonstrated unconditional support for learning and advancement in my career.
  • Leyla Akca Clinical Director of Maya Vakfı, Project Lift July 5, 2014, Leyla was a client of Maureen’s: Maureen is the first mentor I had in the art therapy field. Her enthusiasm and unconditional support lead me to start my career in art therapy. I am forever grateful to have such a good teacher and role model.
  • Eric Jacobson Art Therapist at Eric Jacobson April 13, 2014, Eric worked with Maureen but at different companies: Maureen Del Giacco has created a very useable, effective system for helping those with traumatic brain injury. This art based cognitive system helps the patient in the creation of new neural pathways to alleviate some of those damaged.
  • Gail Arpin-Finck, Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist – brain2gain,March 2, 2014, Gail worked with Maureen but at different companies: Maureen is an innovator in the field of neuro art therapy. An accomplished Artist, Creative Arts Therapist and Founder and Director of Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy (DAT), she brings extensive knowledge, experience and insight to the emerging field of arts-based cognitive rehabilitation and its professional certification. Moreover, Maureen is dedicated and driven. As a student of the DAT certification program, I found her to be the consummate educator and professional who relates respectfully with her students as colleagues, and who inspires confidence and success. Online coursework is easily manageable in terms of time and content: chapters are a quick read (including both quizzes and tests that help to reinforce material) though thought-provoking, challenging one to “see” brain trauma and therapy from the client’s perspective. Weekly Skype sessions allow for more interactive discussion, although Maureen is easily reachable and keeps in frequent contact with students. I have always found that the best educators are those who help you see the best in yourself. Maureen is certainly among these.
  • Nancy PeersClinical Research Associate/Coordinator at Independent Consulting Machban, LLCMarch 2, 2014, Nancy was a client of Maureen’s: Working with Maureen is always fun because of her knowledge, creativity and mentoring abilities. She excels with her deep concepts and strategies, out-of-the box ideas, and her personable implementation process. I hope to one day again utilize her expertise in working with individuals with cognitive difficulties. All programs need a consultant like Maureen on their team.
  • Teresa StarkManagement Consulting Professional, February 27, 2014, Teresa was a client of Maureen’s: “Maureen has helped me with my recovery from a TBI ( traumatic brain injury), using cognitive rehabilitation, art therapy and counseling. Her deep insight has helped to develop new life skills and gain a better balance in my life.I could speak volumes about her dedication and high skill levels and expertise. I have used other therapist before, however: none with such high degree of results.”
  • Fae DeatonChampion/Spoleswoman at WomenHeart: the National Coalition for Women with Heart DiseaseMarch 31, 2013, Fae worked with Maureen but at different companies: Maureen has been very involved in the art programs over the years. I recommend her whole-heartedly. Sincerely, Fae Deaton
  • Janis HerringtonCSR at Aetna October 11, 2010, Janis was a client of Maureen’s: I contracted Maureen to help my son in November 2009. I consider her a lifesaver. She was able to reach out to him and help him get control over his anxiety toward work and help him to gather his thoughts to communicate better. Maureen treated my son weekly for 6 months and it has made a world of difference. She is a very friendly and caring person.
  • Rita koniz–October 10, 2010, Rita was a client of Maureen’s I have known Maureen for over seven years, first as a teacher, now as a friend and colleague as well. She has developed a neuro-art therapy program and has shared her knowledge of brain injury rehabilitation with others worldwide. Maureen has helped many clients regain cognitive function and has trained other educators in her Del Giacco Arts Therapy process. Wonderful!