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Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy (DAT) is a Certificate Course in the field of Art Therapy for Cognitive Rehabilitation. It helps TBI & Stroke.

The DAT program was designed for professionals both outside and inside the field of Creative Arts Therapy. It is a specialty certificate program with CEU’s.

Del Giacco Neuro Art Therapy is an arts based program that is developmental. It is designed to provide professionals a cognitive rehabilitation tool for use with those suffering from dementia. Or thinking disorders.

Licensed Creative Art Therapist

What is creative arts therapy?

Creative arts therapy is a profession that uses active engagement in the arts to address mental, emotional, developmental, and behavioral disorders. Creative arts therapy uses the relationship between the patient and therapist in the context of the artistic process as a dynamic force for change. It can also be used to manage stress and promote

mental and physical health. To read more on how the creative art therapy process is implemented please click here.

Maureen Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT
Licensed, Registered and Certified

What is Discovery of Self?

Learning about your emotions.

What it truly means to be human.

How to develop as a human being,

Meeting life on its own terms is possible.

Being happy requires emotional work.

Being happy is real emotional work.

Skills to help in all of life's challenges.

Learning to explore options of the future.

Art Therapy -  Exploring

Clients are encouraged to be natural.

Everyone  works from a place of individual self expression.  For some it may be the need to find that place inside that  allows them to relax.  For others it may be a picture is worth a thousand words.

Often times life gives us the opportunity to self explore, to reach out and discover more about ourselves.  It is my job as a skilled creative arts therapist  to help facilitate  that journey  with you and to assist  your growth process as naturally as possible.