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Think about what you want to say.

Discuss the issues that are problems.

Commit to  1 x a week schedule for 3  months.

Sessions last 45 minute.

Maureen Del Giacco, Ph.D., LCAT

Please have your insurance information ready to discuss. I am paid via out of network benefits; No-fault Auto Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and self pay.

While guiding patients to create and reflect on art and the artistic process, creative arts therapists help people increase awareness of self and others, cope with the symptoms of stress, illness and trauma, and enhance cognitive abilities. They help their patients improve self-esteem, develop more effective communications skills and relationships, gain insight into patterns of behavior, and create new options for coping with problems. Office of NY State Professions

A client asks:

Should I buy art supplies? Is this like art school?


All you should bring to your session is the desire to learn and grow.

A client often asks:

Do I have to be an artist to come to art therapy?


No, there is no need to feel that you must be an artist. Often times when you relax the art come naturally.

A client asks:

How does this therapy work?


Art Therapy works by  listening to yourself through the art you create.  

New ! Internet Therapy via Skype. Special low rates if qualified. Life can seem confusing at times, I am here to help you through these difficulties.  Art therapy is known to help during many of your life changes with: Anxiety, Depression, and Loss. Loss may be from a work accident, a divorce or due to inter- relationship issues.   In addition, I specialize in cognitive restorative work for: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, ADD and many forms of Dementia. I have a clinically proven treatment  for Cognitive Rehabilitation that is implemented together over the Internet.

What services do licensed creative arts therapists provide?